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Cybersecurity Manufacturing AI/ML Engineer

Technology is reshaping manufacturing – and specifically artificial intelligence (AI) is improving many manufacturing life cycle points: speeding up parts inspection, enabling predictive diagnostics, optimizing staffing and supply chains, and more. Advanced technologies - especially those like AI - are both progress and pain. They enable the manufacturing ecosystem to achieve value not seen before but also give bad actors more tools to attack a wider range of manufacturing assets from trade secrets to customer devices and after-market services. New combinations of human, technical, and business capabilities are needed to put up the good fight. If employers, cyber tool developers, and service providers combine the capabilities of AI and human cyber guardians with specific knowledge and needs focused on manufacturing vulnerabilities, manufacturers may stay ahead or come out on top instead of increasingly being a top target for cyber disruption and damage.

  • So, which role can bring to manufacturers an engineer’s rigor, a technologist’s passion and portfolio of emerging AI/ML tech, and an evangelist’s dedication to security solutions, including natural language processing, human language technologies, multimodal sense-making, and other AI/ML based approaches?
  • Who can help build security systems, applications, and other tools harnessing massive signal and event triage to help security operations analysts and other target users with instant insights that avoid alert fatigue and disconnected data? Who can help significantly reduce breach impacts and response times?
  • Who can help envision and design applications and systems that go beyond defining the conventional and explicit agents/vectors/targets that we know to detect and accelerate awareness of unknown or implicit threats?
  • And which role may have a significant influence on other future cyber role redesigns as AI shifts or expands the current set of human-performed cyber tasks?

For all of those opportunities, it is the role of a Manufacturing Cybersecurity AI Engineer.